Ends on May 1, 2019

$3.00 USD

Update: We are pleased to announce that Bayou Magazine will pay authors for all fiction manuscripts submitted and published after February 1, 2017. Payment for fiction is $50 for published manuscripts of 3000 words or more and $25 for those less than 3000 words.


Note: please read Submission Guidelines carefully. We are unable to refund submission fees for withdrawn manuscripts or manuscripts declined because they do not fit the criteria below.

•We do not accept previously published work. This includes material that has appeared online in any form or format, including personal blogs.

•We accept simultaneous submissions provided you promptly withdraw your work if it is accepted elsewhere.

•All work should be double-spaced, 12 point,Times New Roman. NO COURIER FONT. Ever. 

•Please include a cover page with title, author, contact information (including an email address).

Submission Guidelines

Limit length to 7,500 words or less. Flash fiction and short-shorts are welcome. Novel excerpts are welcome ONLY IF they can stand alone as short stories. We do not accept gothic, horror, or juvenile fiction.

If you are submitting flash fiction, we will only read ONE SUBMISSION at a time. Any single submission containing more than one flash fiction story will automatically be declined. 

If we decline a submission, we ask that you wait 3 months from the date you receive notice before submitting again. More frequent submissions will be declined.

Students, faculty, and alumni of the University of New Orleans are not eligible to submit.